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davidhanseat Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
you guys are absolutely stunning.
Especially your Star Trek Shots.
I hope to see more of them.
You guys rock
Your Cosplay is brilliant! .. I know it's been a while since any new posts. Wish you had a facebook acct. too. If you ever need a beautiful song and with voice you need in the background for anything free, let me know here. I'm in USA.
Hi there girls,

Firstly may i just reverberate to what every-one is posting...fantastic, breathtaking, astounding! (well enough of that, you may get big headed) =D

You posted previously "Nah, no acting for us" in essence doing what you do, isn't that acting? I would love to see some kind of movie short from yous in whatever guises you portray.
You certainly have the looks, wardrobe, great make-up/hair stylist, props etc etc.Please rethink the film short or similar(I dare say many would agree with me)

Secondly...if any-one mentions "porn" please please run a mile! :lol:
Glad I found your pages here.... nice work!! I really love it.....
Man, I'd love to draw your whole gallery *sigh*
Your work is amazing. Do you act as well? I'd love to see you in something based on your characters in the Star Trek Phase II productions, though the Woad warrior concepts are also intriguing.
chirinstock Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there

Thanks for the comment! Nah, no acting for us - still cameras are so much easier to deal with :)

I'm really impressed by the good quality of you photos and stories
Thank you guiding me into your world.
oh man i am freaking out right now, how good are these....
Just again stopping by to add a few more of your works to my faves and say you guys are awesome!!!!!
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